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Just Some French Swim Trunks for Summer

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For a minute there, it was... downright hot.

The kind of weather that would make you want to strip down naked and frolic in a hot tub full of ice.

Or, you know, buy a French swimsuit...

Here to help with that: Vilebrequin, a sunny, beach-obsessed new shop born on the swank sands of the French Riviera, now open in Union Square.

What you have here: basically a shrine to swimsuits and the prospect of you wearing them. The place looks a little like a Saint-Tropez beach—sky-blue walls, a floor that vaguely resembles white sand. Plus, you know, a roof.

As for the gear: you’ve got your standard summer-ready polos and linen pants, not to mention curios like a terry-cloth bag that doubles as a beach towel. (Basically, the Optimus Prime of beach stuff.)

And then there’re the trunks. They’ve got boardshorts, short shorts, swimsuits with lobsters on them, swimsuits with turtles on them, swimsuits with nothing on them (you know, if you’re not into the whole creativity thing).

Oh, and we hear Prince Harry and Owen Wilson are fans.

You always knew you three had something in common.


75 Geary St
(at Grant)
San Francisco, CA, 94104


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