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A Bar for Every Taste in Music

Nothing against the electronic wizards currently spinning at area clubs. But occasionally, you find yourself wanting to hear DJs play, you know... songs. Maybe you’re in the mood for the Rev. Al Green, maybe the opposite of Al Green (read: Ozzy). You can find either, if you just know where to look. Allow us to help...

Spirits in Black at American Ice Co.

Spirits in Black at American Ice Co.

What you’ll hear: Classic Black Sabbath, Metallica and Slayer.
Who you’ll see: Hipster headbangers flashing the devil’s horns.
What you’ll drink: Each event brings a different guest mixologist, but you can always expect the Rye on Fire, a whiskey concoction with a flaming peanut shell.

Gate 45 at Café Saint-Ex

Gate 45 at Café Saint-Ex

What you’ll hear: Classic and obscure soul, much of it played on vintage 45s.
Who you’ll see: Would-be crooners chilling among the early-20th-century aviation memorabilia. Possibly the ghost of Otis Redding.
What you’ll drink: Large-format bottles of Belgian ale.

Right Round at the Black Cat

Right Round at the Black Cat

What you’ll hear: ’80s new wave and alternative.
Who you’ll see: Some folks sporting eyeliner, a latter-day Valley girl or two.
What you’ll drink: Probably a PBR, but you should ask them for a rum and Tab.

Outlaws at Marx Cafe

Outlaws at Marx Cafe

What you’ll hear: Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam and other bad boys of country.
Who you’ll see: Urban cowboys in boots, Western shirts and non-ironic mustaches.
What you’ll drink: A tall glass of regret and heartache. Also: the $5 Jim Beam and cheap beer special.

First Tuesday of the month, 9pm, Outlaws at Marx Cafe, 3203 Mt. Pleasant St NW, 202-518-7600

Que Sera at Napoleon

Que Sera at Napoleon

What you’ll hear: Psychedelic and blues rock by Hendrix, Pink Floyd and obscure garage bands.
Who you’ll see: Members of U.S. Royalty, who often show up to DJ these sets.
What you’ll drink: A rotating array of champagne cocktails. Which act like a lava lamp if you stare at them long enough.

Third Thursday of the month, 10pm, Que Sera at Napoleon, 1847 Columbia Rd NW, 202-299-9630

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