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Farina’s New Rooftop Terrace

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Roofs. Generally speaking, you’re a fan.

They keep rain off your head. Protect you from the sun. Also, they’re great places for brunching your face off.

Speaking of: welcome Farina’s Rooftop Terrace, a new alfresco destination for all manner of dates (first, brunch, whatever), perched above Farina and now open on weekends.

You know Farina. Slick Italian spot on 18th Street. Well, this is its new, more outdoorsy cousin, conveniently located on (you guessed it) the rooftop terrace.

It looks a bit like a handsome little restaurant on Lake Como—all celestial-blue walls, marble-slab tables and tree booths made from cypress wood. Also: succulents. So, so many succulents.

You’ll come here on one of two occasions. One: daylight, for a brunch date of eggs and white truffles.

Two: sunset, for a first, eighth or 32nd date on a bright, warmish Friday night. Pass the smattering of two-tops for one of the five marble booths lined up under giant lampshades. Kick things off with Negronis, then summon their signature Genovese pasta and pesto.

No matter when you come, you’ll not only have your personal heat lamp but also your booth’s individual sound system.

Please: resist the urge to blast “Call Me Maybe.”


Farina’s Rooftop Terrace
3560 18th St
(between Valencia and Guerrero)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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