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Hitting Buenos Aires Like a Soccer God

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In a city where athletes are revered as gods...

Where children are named after soccer players...

Where calling it “soccer” could land you in jail...

It’s amazing they waited this long to build a soccer-themed hotel.

Introducing Hotel Boca, a 17-story temple of slumber and revelry dedicated to Buenos Aires’s favorite sons of soccer, the Boca Juniors Athletic Club, booking suites (and post-match press conferences) now.

This is precisely where you’ll want to steer your after-hours agenda in Buenos Aires—and not just because it’ll be the eye of the storm during a victory riot. Starting this month, all the Boca Juniors players will rest their heads here before games. And where they go, so goes their leggy entourage of would-be tango partners.

You don’t actually need to book a room to enjoy the après-football festivals of steak and wine that will naturally ensue here. But you’ll want to. Beneath the signature blue-and-gold-draped walls and life-size paintings of legendary footballers, you’ll find all your five-star necessities. The heated indoor pool. The Maradona-worthy gym. The flat-screens broadcasting all Boca Juniors, all the time.

Plus, if you ask in advance, the hotel will let you prove your athletic prowess in a penalty-kick competition at the stadium.

Go ahead, tear your shirt off in celebration.

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