Boat of Arms

Chartering Boats in Foreign Waters

Look, we like you.

So when we say what we’re about to say, please know that it’s coming from a good place.

Ready... here goes: you’re vacationing all wrong.

Or, who knows, maybe you’re not.

Either way, you should definitely hop on the next flight to Greece and commandeer someone’s catamaran.

This should help...

Introducing aBoatTime, the universe’s first fully transactional boat charter website that lets you stake your glorious summer claim to a fleet of sailing vessels conveniently located in Spain, Greece, Croatia and Turkey (and soon... here), online now.

This is basically like having a friend. Who knows a friend. Who has a Bavaria 45 Cruiser docked in Majorca with your name on it.

The East Coast is fine. So is the West one, for that matter. But seeing as you’ve already hand-sewn a red bandana and procured a titanium codpiece (also red) for the running of the bulls, you may as well find the nearest schooner over there while you’re at it.

You’ll start by picking a date online and specifying the number of seafaring accomplices you’ll be bringing along (if you don’t have a skipper handy, they do). From there... pick a boat. Yes, that’s it. Oceanis clippers. Sun Odyssey sailboats. Athena catamarans... they’re all there for you.

Oh, and if marauding foreign waters isn’t your thing (although it damn well better be), they’ll be launching stateside next summer.

Consider the Greek islands a trial run.

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