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Vacationing Like a Malaysian Sultan

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Being a Malaysian sultan has its perks: the on-call masseuses, the private mountaintop gondolas, the automatic eligibility for kingship.

But just try walking in their shoes for a few days. No really, you should. Because it’s mostly masseuses on call and private mountaintop gondolas. (We assume the kingship part comes later...)

Introducing Seri Chenang Resort & Spa Langkawi, a new would-be royal compound at the edge of Malaysia’s Cenang Beach and cut off from the rest of society by a thicket of jungle, taking reservations now for June 30.

You’re not the King of Malaysia (yet). But if you were, and your first order of business were to host a secret team-building beach summit for all your sultans, you’d do it here, in this village of six palm-tree-veiled villas, each modeled after a different Malay city-state. Pick your favorite.

Hint: you can’t go wrong with Rumah Selangor, a two-story abode on stilts with an indoor pool attached to the living room (great setting for a cathartic, in-house bamboo-stick massage, by the way).

After venturing to the beach for a little scuba, you’ll be chauffeured to the Machincang mountain range, where you’ll bypass the queue for a private entrance to your own cable car. At the mountaintop, between the clouds, you’ll see hills rising up from the shores of Thailand. And before you: a noodle-based fusion picnic prepared by the hotel’s chef.

So don’t fill up on snacks in the gondola.


Seri Chenang Resort & Spa Langkawi
Lot 1150 Pantai Cenang
07000 Mukim Kedawang, Kuah
+603 6201 7275
official website 


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