The Life Aquatic

You’re Now an Undersea Treasure Hunter

None Congratulations. You didn’t buy Facebook this week.

Now, to spend all that money that you didn’t lose thanks to your sound financial decisions...

The first three words that come to mind: underwater. Robotic. Camera.

Introducing HydroView, which, yes, at first seems like just an extravagant way for you to document this summer’s best kneecaps in your swimming pool. But this has real potential to put you alongside Cousteau and Cameron for achievements in underwater cinematography.

Though we don’t want to minimize its kneecap-capturing potential.

Anyway, say you’re leisurely kayaking in the Lincoln Park Lagoon. You’re not expecting to find Al Capone’s treasure or anything crazy like that. Then again, you’re not not expecting to find it. You’ll dispatch this little scuba-diver of a camera into the water, controlling its propellers with your smartphone (it even has built-in wi-fi). Turn on its LED lights and scour the murky depths. It relays a live video feed to its monitor back on the boat.

No treasure, but no scary mermen, either. So... all’s good.

Or use it for just practical, everyday reasons. Checking your lobster traps. Covering the synchronized swimming event you host in your backyard. Keeping an eye on your mermaids.

You never know when their damn mermen are going to show up.

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