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A Collaboration of Epic Proportions

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None 6 Photos The Hill-Side & Co.
Peanut butter and jelly.

Lucy and Ricky.

Tequi and la.

What you have above are pairs of things. Predestined collaborations, if you will.

And what you have below... well, what you have below is one of those, too.

Except this one involves making you look amazing.

And boxers made out of ties. It also involves boxers made out of ties...

Fix your gaze upon The Hill-Side & Co., a sartorial mashup between Hickoree’s Hard Goods and a just-plain-silly amount of coconspirators to bestow your person with... a lot of random things, available online as of today.

So, Hickoree’s. It’s kind of like a general store from an alternate universe, where everything looks like America feels. They’ve got everything. Chinos. Henleys. ... Tree swings. And now, it’s time for them to unleash their crowning achievement (their latest one, anyway) upon your entire body.

Take your torso, for example. It’s nice out. Some might even say it’s summer. So it’s probably best to don a sky-blue button-down (made with Dickie’s 1922) with white polka dots and shell buttons.

Then there are your legs (leaf camo chinos via Left Field). Your feet (navy chukka moccasins via Rancourt). And, of course, your... nether... regions (those boxers made with Choctaw Ridge... out of necktie fabric).

Oh, and they also have a chocolate bar wrapped in paper designed after the Hill-Side’s floral indigo tie pattern.

You love a good bar of tie chocolate.

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