Things to do for May 30, 2012

The Weekender

Mike Modano, Seabiscuit and Baby Back Alligator Ribs

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the weekend...

The Cowboys Play Basketball

The Cowboys Play Basketball

You’re going to a Cowboys game tomorrow night. The catch: it’s a Cowboys basketball game. For charity. Current stars (think Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant) are taking on former legends (think Michael Irvin and Terrell Owens). Oh, so that’s where TO went.

A Birthday Blowout at Inwood Tavern

A Birthday Blowout at Inwood Tavern

Inwood Tavern is turning 48 years old. On Friday they’re going to celebrate the only way they know how. By handing out gratis cocktails and pizza from Campisi’s. And by bringing in Cuttaway Creek to play a live show. We’ll assume “Happy Birthday” is their encore.

An Outdoor Screening of Seabiscuit

An Outdoor Screening of <em>Seabiscuit</em>

The final leg of the Triple Crown is coming. And so to get you in the mood, here’s Tobey Maguire... in the movie Seabiscuit. Yes, the film is being screened out on the lawn at the Shops at Park Lane Friday night. There’ll be popcorn. There’ll be juleps. There’ll be stupid hats. Maybe.

Mike Modano’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Mike Modano’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Mike Modano. Stanley Cup champion. NHL All-Star. Frankfurter enthusiast. Yes, you’re going up against the former Stars captain at the Stand’s first annual hot dog eating contest on Saturday. If (no, when) you win: you’ll get a thousand dollars and your face painted on a mural overlooking Uptown. Make sure they capture your good side.

Smoking Alligator at Lockhart

Smoking Alligator at Lockhart

Meat. It’s delicious. And you’re not one to discriminate—especially when barbecue sauce is involved. So we thought you should know that Lockhart is smoking a bunch of game on Saturday. Expect all your favorites. Baby back alligator ribs. Diamondback rattlesnake. Ostrich. Mmm, how you love baby back alligator ribs...

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