New Deli

A Deli from the Flour + Water Guys

8ceb1ec8d538a028e61b2e995051b6b6Hi. Welcome back. We hope your weekend was full of ice-cold beer, delicious meats and patriotic fervor.

And if it wasn’t, well... this weekend will be.

Welcome to Salumeria, a new temple of Italian deliciousness from the Flour + Water guys, opening Thursday next to Central Kitchen. (And yes, your patriotic fervor now extends to all things Italian.)

This place once was the icehouse of an old sausage factory (which was technically German, but let’s not quibble over meaningless details). And now: it’s a farmhouse-looking place filled to the rafters with meats, cheeses and the like. We mean that literally—you’ll find salami and herbs hanging from the rafters of a ceiling made with reclaimed flooring from an old gym. (We’ll assume they disinfected it.)

You’re here for two things. One, pick up edibles for an at-home dinner date. We’re talking handmade pastas and sauces, plus housemade meats like coppa and prosciutto. Pro tip: keep an eye out for the once-illegal ibérico ham from Spain, and possibly a full-on butchery component sometime in the future.

The other: eat and drink. Pastries and coffee for breakfast. Roast beef on a pretzel roll with a beer from Central Kitchen for lunch. Spit-roasted rabbit and a bottle of rosé for dinner. And, in a few months, brunch-type things for brunch.

No word on linner.


3000 20th St
(at Florida)
San Francisco, CA 94110

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