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Late-Night Grilled Cheese on Sunset

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Finally. You couldn’t wait for that holiday weekend to be over.

All that sun and camaraderie and sweet, sweet barbecue smoke—it was rough. When all you wanted was business attire, fluorescent lights and some earth-shattering intel on a late-night grilled-cheese emporium...

Take your first look at Heywood, your new spot for beautifully melted goodness between bread, soft-opening any day now on Sunset Boulevard.

It’s a simple spot next to Lark Cake Shop, and it feels sort of sunny even after dark—think yellow tablecloths and round mirrors radiating gold sunbeams. But you’re not really here for the atmosphere.

You’re here because it’s 1am on a Friday night, all of you just had a bunch of whiskey at the Thirsty Crow—or hey, it’s lunchtime—and you want, nay, need, nay, crave a Muy Caliente (fontina and spicy jack cheese on jalapeño bread) or the Bon Appétit Brie, with triple-cream brie on cinnamon-raisin bread with fig jam and raspberry sugar sprinkles. Yes. That.

So stay vigilant—they had an open house over the weekend, but just decided to close back up for a few days to take a deep breath before opening very soon.

Melting cheese is generally worth the wait.

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