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Finding the Good Stuff at Brighton

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Three restaurants, a weekly food market and beer at every turn—all orbiting a massive, sun-soaked courtyard (complete with 35-foot LED TV). This is what you’re dealing with at Brighton. Trying it all would be... well, just like you. But herein: the key intel.

The TV will never go to waste.
Outdoor summer ales and sporting events (Olympic-sized) are a given. Movie nights, silent discos and 35-foot Guitar Hero tournaments... are also givens. So many givens.

There’s an indoor boardwalk.
This used to be FoodParc. Now it’s a Brighton Beach–themed pop-up space housing Go Burger, a BLT Fish Shack and a Chinese-lamp-lit tiki bar supplying rum and draft beers.

The stadium (you had to figure there’d be a stadium) has picnic coolers.
Hang a left beyond the tiki bar for staggered rows of yacht seating, giant coolers (the bar takes bulk bottle orders), another screen and at least one half-moon, fur-throw-covered daybed. At least.

You can claim your own retractable-roofed terrace at the upstairs restaurant.
Oh, yeah, there’s a vast expanse of dining up there... and you can rent your own terrace. Which’ll involve couches, steak frites and full LED-screen-takeover rights. The world may finally be ready for your cinematic vision.

The courtyard is Hester Street Fair North on Thursdays.
It’s not Hester Street. It’s not even a street. And who cares. It’s Pies ’n’ Thighs, Little Muenster and a bunch of places you’ve been meaning to try, all in one sitting.

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