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A New/Old Wine Bar in Venice

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We know.

The holiday weekend is so close you can taste it.

And oddly enough, it tastes like wine, cheese and wild boar salami...

That’s the plan, anyway, assuming you take the opportunity to hole up at Dry Tour, a historic new wine bar and dining room just steps from Venice Beach, officially open as of today.

You’ll find the place stowed in an old building that’s been stripped down to its 1904 roots—the chipped tile floors and ceilings are now as they were more than 100 years ago. But we think you’ll agree that adding some Edison bulbs, a bunch of wine bottles from all over and a gray marble bar... well, that represents some progress in the right direction.

It’s an intimate little spot, with just a few scattered tables and a dozen or so stools at the bar, so it’s best pulled out when you’ve spent the better part of an afternoon on a beach blanket with a date—and rather than driving home, you’re both in the mood to stand up, dust off the sand and walk a couple blocks to ride out sundown with some scallop ceviche, lamb shank and a bottle of sangiovese.

You’re generally in this mood when conscious.

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