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A Bright New Den of Shoes... and Records

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So. Let’s talk about your feet.

Hang on, that sounded a little... Tarantino.

It’s just that there’s a pretty cool new shoe shop on Pico you should know about for summer. And they’ve got records and stuff, too. And your feet will love it.

Sorry. Let’s just move on, shall we...

Take a look at the sharply minimalist, immodestly named Our Favorite Shop, now fully stocked with Clae footwear and other above-the-ankle essentials, now open.

This is Clae’s first shop anywhere, and it’s the retail equivalent of rolled trousers and sockless shoes—big windows let the sun in, and everything’s just airy and easy. To get you through the next few months, you’ll find lots of streamlined, single-color sneakers on platforms and in wall-mounted cubes—the kinds of shoes you can wear with jeans, or chinos, or shorts, or... you know, anything.

Of course, no shoe shop would be complete without Japanese toothbrushes, dopp kits and random art books, so they’ve got that stuff, too.

And if this all sounds well and good but you’re thinking, “Well, I’d be more inclined to check this place out if they’d sling me a beer and some barbecue,” they’re one step ahead of you—just RSVP for the grand-opening party Saturday afternoon. All are welcome.

And you thought the toothbrush was extraneous.

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