Blind Faith

Canada’s Handsomest General Store

None We know a guy...

Who knows a guy who knows another guy whose third cousin has a neighbor who knows a guy who can get you anything.

We were going to give you his number today, but, well, we lost it.

So instead, here’s a general store in Canada that’ll serve the exact same function.

Meet Old Faithful Shop, a dapper little shop in British Columbia that’s filled with the sort of handsome/handcrafted goods one wants, but doesn’t need, available online now.

Pretend there’s an identical version of you somewhere out there. Same tastes. Same desires. Now, pretend that person lives in Vancouver, owns a store and is really skilled in the ways of e-commerce. Okay, that’s Old Faithful Shop.

They’ve recently put all of their wares online, which means you’ll want to commence browsing immediately. Especially if you’re in the market for shower soap that smells like the 1880s (in a good way), pickles that have been brined with habaneros and the kind of Faribault blankets the US Army used in WWII (like we said, they’ve got everything).

Naturally, you’d do well to keep these guys in mind when searching for a Father’s Day gift (Pop could always use a new folding knife). Also, when preparing for an upcoming summer vacation. They’ve got a navy Makr backpack in stock that was made with lasers.

Like the Terminator. But a knapsack.

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