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Going Full Van Damme in Bangkok

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Quick review. Your preferred hotel amenities.

Valet: sure.

Pillow mint: always appreciated.

Private speedboat: now we’re talking...

Complimentary boxing ring access: ... um, well... if it’s complimentary...

Welcome to The Siam, Bangkok’s newest river-perched retreat and the world’s first hotel with a muay Thai boxing ring, taking reservations now for a June 1 debut.

Your first thought here: this place looks ridiculously similar to the Grand Palace just down the river (it should—they designed it that way). Your second thought: hey, some guys are throwing roundhouse kicks down the hall from the ice machine.

One explanation: muay Thai—that martial art Van Damme made famous in Kickboxer—happens to be Thailand’s national sport. And after building the hotel’s period-specific library, infinity pool and private pier with a barge and a Venetian-style speedboat for whisking guests into town, the owners saw a boxing ring as a splurge on par with the free towels (they’re great, by the way).

So after a long day of elephant taming and rubbing more golden Buddha bellies than usual, you’ll slip into something combative and take a nice long wistful gaze off your veranda. Contemplate the bamboo garden. Enjoy that moment of Zen. Because you’ll soon be facing down every muay Thai expert in town with a fierce appreciation for 18th-century Asian furnishings.

Apparently, antiquing was the national sport runner-up.


The Siam
3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal
Dusit, Bangkok 10300
+66 (0) 2 206 6999
official website


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