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A Piece of Nantucket on the LES

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Look at it out there.

It’s just... wow.

The kind of day when you want to pack up, head someplace like Nantucket, order your fill of oysters and drink beers until the sun goes down.

Well, good news: we found the next best thing...

Prepare to soak in the sunbeams at Grey Lady, a rustic little piece of well-summered Nantucket and its seafaring fruits on the Lower East Side, quietly opening tonight.

If you remember White Slab Palace, well... sorry. It’s gone. But this seafood paradise has risen from its ashes. It’s the kind of place that wants to fulfill all of your fantasies. Well, at least the ones that involve you consuming Island Creek bivalves, the claws of certain backward-walking crustaceans and housemade ales.

You’re going to want to bring a date here. And maybe your finest waders. Because you’d swear you were somewhere that had a dock and sea captains nearby if it weren’t for the enormous windows looking out onto Delancey. (It’s probably the nautical fog lamps.)

You’ve got your classic white-marble bar and a handful of well-loved wooden tables, but you’re going to hone in on the blue studded-leather couch. From there: oysters, Dark and Stormys. You know the drill.

And takeout: yes. Well, almost yes. By midsummer, there’ll be a space next door for emergency lobster roll service.

Since 911 tends to frown upon those requests.


Grey Lady
77 Delancey St
(at Allen)
New York, NY, 10002


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