Altitude Pool Deck at the SLS Hotel

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Rooftop Power Breakfasts at the SLS

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Not to alarm you, but there’s a critical flaw in your power-meal setup.

Arrange a lavish dinner at CUT, and your target is immediately on alert. They like steak, but they know you’ve got an agenda.

Sometimes you need to catch ’em off guard. With a casual breakfast of pressed croissants, champagne and a stunning rooftop view of Beverly Hills...

Meet your new secret weapon: Altitude Pool Deck at the SLS Hotel, the deceptively leisurely rooftop hideaway now finally open to the general public for breakfast and lunch.

If you’ve ever holed up in the hotel for an illicit weekend full of—well, we’re not here to pry. Anyway, you might’ve seen one of the neighborhood’s best-kept-secret rooftops, stuffed with oversized potted plants, random mirrors and a pig in the pool. (Obviously.) It’s all very... SLS.

Now you can call up for a reservation even if you’re not a hotel guest. Meaning this is basically a new spot for you and your clients to “just catch up” over a spread of fresh fruit, pastries and pressed croissant sandwiches (in the morning) or watermelon-tomato skewers, fattoush salad and pork loin (at lunch).

Fattoush seals it every time.

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