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It’s happened so many times.

You’re starving for an omelet and a mojito, but you can’t find a parking spot anywhere.

Also, you’re on a boat.

Come on into Killer Cafe, the new waterside restaurant for liquid brunch that’s got a private spot at the dock for your boat—and also a big free parking lot if you happened to arrive in a car or whatever—now open in Marina del Rey. (Just in time for Mother’s Day. Just saying...)

So picture your average diner—long counter down one side, row of roomy black and red booths down the other. Now drop it right on the edge of LA, with a majestic view of bobbing boats. Anywhere you are, you’ll see the ocean through the wall of glass. But really, you came all this way. You’ll probably want to remove the wall of glass from the equation and just sit outside in the breeze.

They’re only open early morning through lunchtime, so this is your spot for coffee, shrimp and grits, or shrimp Benedict (yes, this is from the Killer Shrimp crew) on that blurry kind of morning-after, when you’re all in the mood for a scenic, windows-down shore drive to wake up.

Oh, and there’s a full bar here, so a Black Tea Collins (vodka, tea, soda water and lemon) will help with that.

It was that or Phil.

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