Anger Management

Smashing Office Supplies with Baseball Bats

None Poor fax machine.

It didn’t deserve this.

It’s just, well, long week, rough end to the Mavericks season, and you’re about to have a baseball bat, a pair of safety goggles and written consent to demolish everything in sight at your disposal.

So... swing away.

Welcome to the Anger Room, a therapeutic chamber in North Dallas where you’ll bash a bunch of things with blunt instruments until you feel relaxed, booking appointments now.

Basically, this is a stress-relieving kill room. One that was started by a former call center employee (figures) and one that’s filled with all sorts of feels-good-to-smash stuff. Like old VCRs. And lamps. And... anything. They’ll let you bring your own items (as long as it’s not, or ever was, living).

But before you can go full Michael Bolton (the Office Space guy, not the power-ballad guy) on a bunch of printers, you’ll need to book a session. Also, pick a weapon (anything from a ball-peen hammer to your foot) and get geared up (goggles, jumpsuit, the works).

Then, they’ll have you hook your iPod up to their speaker system, pick out a playlist that makes you want to break things (also known as the Glee soundtrack) and start rampaging. Stop when you achieve peace.

Or start a fire.

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