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And now, modern history’s boldest moves:

1776: America says “Thanks, but no thanks” to British taxes.

1812: Napoleon invades Russia. In the winter. Better luck next time.

1975: Kool-Aid Man bursts through wall.

Monday: You show up to your 9 o’clock wearing a stunning suit that is... my God... it is... it’s also pajamas...

Introducing White Chalk, a mischievously natty house of suiting and other clothes-ly pursuits that thinks you can pull off suitjamas, now open in Nolita.

Before we dive into nap-and-boardroom-appropriate habiliments, let’s talk about the place. It’s an ’80s-ish, neon-and-white little indoor alley of colorful double-sided handkerchiefs, impeccable dress boots and scarce Holland & Sherry–clothed suiting (they only make four of anything) made right here in New York. There’s also a tendency toward bespoking with stuff that’s got more than a little bit of a slim-cut, David Byrne meets David Bowie vibe. Clover collars, well-placed back buckles and vintage horn buttons are all prominent and pitch-perfect.

It’s all got that unquestionably confident, rakish quality that works with a Lego tie clip or a brown BB-gun-distressed fedora. Which, as luck would have it, they’ve got.

As for the PJs: handmade. They’re cut like a normal suit, but thinner and less structured. And if you believe what you hear, you can pull them off at the office.

Especially if your office has a grotto.


White Chalk
240 Mulberry St
(between Prince and Spring)
New York, NY, 10012


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