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Pizza. From a 14-Ton Big Rig.

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Pop quiz, hotshot...

Which of the following relates to pizza?

A) A bobtail truck.
B) A transatlantic shipping container.
C) An 800-degree, wood-fired brick oven.
D) All of the above.

If you answered D, you know what we’re getting at. If you didn’t answer D... seriously, how could anyone not answer D. Anyway...

There’s this pizza truck called Del Popolo. And by truck, we mean ’06 Freightliner with a mobile pizza kitchen housed in a shipping container on its bed—and it’s rolling out next week.

What you have here is a marvel of modern engineering, one with the capacity to churn out 72 pizzas an hour.

The owner/driver: Jon Darsky, who you might remember from Flour + Water’s early days. His creations here will be lighter and softer thanks to some special dough and a ridiculous 800-degree-hot pizza oven. You can expect a limited daily menu of three pies: margherita, marinara, pepperoni, that sort of thing. You’ll order, and 60 seconds later, you’ll have your pie.

He’s planning on parking this behemoth in various set locales on a rotating basis (they haven’t finalized the locations, but hinted at FiDi and SoMa, and some bars). But you’ll also find him at the occasional pop-up and at Off the Grid, or roaming the streets and tweeting.

Hopefully not at the same time.

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