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Gin and Teddy Bears on the Sunset Strip

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Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

So you sit in traffic on a new freeway. Go to a different Tender Greens. Spin around in your desk chair a couple times.

Or you stock up on a bunch of black chandeliers, animal hair and Buddhist statues, and go nuts...

Welcome to the completely unrecognizable Mirabelle, a bold reimagining of the formerly beige-soaked Sunset Strip mainstay, reopening Thursday.

We’ll talk about the new food in a second. But as for the remodel, well, we think what happened is that somebody put a grenade on the floor, then piled up an extremely random mix of couches, tchotchkes, antlers and—sure, why not—teddy bears on top. Then somehow reached in, pulled out the pin... and ran. Et voilà. The new Mirabelle.

You’ll wander in with a date, pointing out a few conversation pieces—hey, look, a horse’s head—on your way to a paint-spattered table. We’re pretty sure the spatter is on purpose.

After you power through your spread of oysters, octopus terrine and veal stew, head upstairs to what they’re calling the Conservatory. It’s an intimate stowaway for a nightcap—maybe a George, with bourbon, lime, pineapple and maple syrup—and a pretty incredible view.

Also a great excuse to make jokes about Miss Scarlet, with the bourbon, in the Conservatory.

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