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Vespas, Now Delivered to Your Door

None Perhaps it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the Mavs not winning one damn playoff game. Or it could be that it’s Monday and, despite your best effort, you still smell like a mariachi band.

But you just need to get out of the office.

Preferably on a bright-red scooter...

Enter Apache Scooter Rental, the first Vespa-rental service that’ll deliver scooters straight to your door, available now.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the city’s undiscovered back roads with a sweater ceremoniously draped over your shoulders—or just feel the need to reenact the motorcycle scene from Terminator 2 on a royal-blue Vespa—this is your play.

Now, if you need two or more 50cc scooters for a full day with your band of Vespa-loving marauders, they’ll deliver to you. Just book them online (or via phone) 24 hours ahead of time. But if you are looking to claim a lone wolf for an underground drag race or an equally-as-dangerous Yumilicious run, just head to the parking lot across from Uptown Bar & Grill, get through some waiver signing and helmet modeling, and you can drive one off the lot on the spot.

Nothing earns street cred like a scooter helmet.


Apache Scooter Rental

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