Things to do for May 04, 2012

The Weekender

Cinco de Mayo, Knighthood and a Sausage Window

Please hold for the weekend.

75% Off Paul Smith Creations

75% Off Paul Smith Creations

Sir Paul Smith. If the British military ever gets into a fashion war, the queen will call him to the front lines to lead an assault of windowpane blazers, slim knitwear and three-piece suits. It’d be a lot like this sale. Only funnier to watch.

May 4, noon-7pm; May 5, noon-5pm; Paul Smith, 468 W Broadway

Cinco de Mayo at Pulqueria

Cinco de Mayo at Pulqueria

Donkeys. Piñatas. Mariachi bands. Yes, your weekends are generally pretty eventful. And this one will be no different, when you check out the Cinco de Mayo festivities going down this weekend at Pulqueria. It’s a solid bet that the festivities will also involve agave-based celebration.

Through May 5, Pulqueria, 11 Doyers St, 212-227-3099

A Window That Dispenses Sausage

A Window That Dispenses Sausage

The walk-up sausage window. Good God, how wasn’t this a thing before. Anyway, the Scandinavian füd masterminds at Vandaag have made it a reality. Hunter’s sausages with caramelized onions and oxtail croquettes both make an appearance. You’re a pancake door away from total bliss.

Window opens May 5, Würstelstand at Vandaag, 103 2nd Ave, 212-253-0470

Café Select’s New Backroom Raw Bar

Café Select’s New Backroom Raw Bar

At this point, there’s nothing Café Select can’t do. They’ve given you fondue. They’ve introduced you to the fine art of Swiss veal. And now, they’re tossing an oyster bar into the equation. It’s got lobster in its most natural form: salad.

Opens May 5, Cervantes’ Oyster Shack & Bar at Café Select, 212 Lafayette St, 212-925-9322

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