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Gordon Ramsay’s Meat Palace

None Every chef has his motivations for reaching the top of his craft.

Free cutlery. Hostess-hiring power. Self-name-dropping opportunities.

But until that stable of world-class restaurants includes a two-story coliseum of beef Wellington overlooking fake Paris, you haven’t really made it.

At least not in Vegas.

Presenting Gordon Ramsay Steak, a glittering tribute to the power of celebrity chefdom, British brew and menacing quantities of steak, marching into the Paris Las Vegas on May 11.

Ramsay: outspoken guy. Gets a bad rap, but really just wants his meat cooked right (or in the case of this place’s beef tartare with Guinness-infused mustard seeds, not at all). And he wants the stuff enjoyed under a giant British flag mural sprawled across a 7,500-square-foot room only accessible by underground Chunnel.

Enter the C-shaped tube from the casino lobby—halfway down, there’s a bar where you can refuel with English ale aged in whiskey casks. Do that. Then trace the scent of London-imported fish and chips upstairs, back toward the kitchen.

Assuming you’ve come here to celebrate an occasion (other than hunger), go through a pair of French doors into a narrow, mahogany dining room that feels like the private dining car of an old Eurostar train from Paris to London. Here, you’ll commiserate over never-before-sold-in-the-US British microbrews, marveling out your window at the shimmering casino lights below.

The slot pits are lovely this time of year.


Gordon Ramsay Steak
at Paris Las Vegas
3655 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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