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Personal Training in the City’s Pinkest Gym

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We’d like to introduce you to someone.

Brunette. Brown eyes. Real girl-next-door type. Has killer triceps.

Anyway, we think you two should get together and... do some squat jumps.

Yes, it means exactly what it sounds like.

Presenting Fusion Fitness, a female-only workout studio in the Design District that’s now offering gender-neutral personal training.

You know those military boot camps—the ones with the log carrying, the mud crawling, the barbed-wire-fence hurdling. Well, this is nothing like that. Okay, it’s a little bit like that, except your drill sergeant... sorta looks like Kelly Kapowski and hands out purple Gatorades after each workout.

All of your sessions will take place in a private gym. A predominantly pink and purple private gym. Here you’ll be greeted by Lander. She’s your trainer. She’s got the exact opposite of a face made for radio. Also, she’s going to kick the ever-loving crap out of you. With a smile.

How said kicking goes down will be completely your call. If you’re looking to build up triathlon-level stamina, there’s something called Motivating Monday. It involves lunges, squats and a serious hamstring whaling. If you’re trying to recover from a particularly debauched Friday, there’s Sweat & Stretch Saturday. Sounds easy, but it’s really just a series of treadmill sprinting and prolonged planking.

Internet memes: the total-body workout.


Fusion Fitness
1430 Dragon St, Ste 19
Dallas, TX, 75207


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