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Your wrist.

Strong. Stable. Capable of a McEnroe-esque ping-pong forehand.

One problem... It’s just not nearly as Swiss as you’d like.

But help has arrived.

Give a warm welcome to IWC, an imposing monument to watches and leather with the occasional flight suit, now open in New York for the first time.

You’re aware of IWC. Swiss gods of timepiecery. Well, this is where you’ll go to immerse yourself in their perfectly wound glory. Naturally, they’ve gone all out with all the things you’d expect from a fine watch shop: world-encompassing leather chairs. Racing bikes. A flight simulator. You know, classic watch shop.

You’re working your way through five mini rooms here—one for each collection. Shifting seamlessly from checking out the Portuguese in a nautical-themed den to lusting after the Portofinos in a library. You’ll end up in what looks like an Air Force locker room as imagined by Ernest Hemingway: chronographs surrounded by studded leather, modernist aircraft statuary and the occasional five-foot, remote-controlled French WWII plane.

And lest you think they’re a little too horology-obsessive, there’s also some handsome leather luggage and the supple fruits of a collaboration with Cockpit. We’re talking the same calfskin bomber jackets that Navy fighter pilots wear. And, in case you know someone with a Goose fantasy, an actual flight suit.

God, you miss that crazy bastard.


535 Madison Ave
(at 54th)
New York, NY 10022


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