Trailer Parked

A Truck Stuffed with Cheese and a Fryer

None There’s a time and a place for eating fancy.

For linen tablecloths. For foie gras topped with foie gras... and served on a silver platter. By butlers. Wearing monocles.

This is not that time. And this is definitely not that place...

Time to chase down the Trailer Park Truck, a roving shrine to down-home food that’s either fried, covered in cheese... or fried and covered in cheese, now rolling.

You remember how this works. First you follow this thing on Twitter. Then you go about your business. And the next time it’s in your neighborhood—or the next time you’re recovering from a long night and you’re willing to go the extra mile for some fried chicken and waffles to right some wrongs—you make this happen.

In terms of sheer cardiovascular irresponsibility, the crowning achievement for you here would be a sunny patch of curb and the Frito pie—which involves Fritos topped with a cheese sauce, ground beef, applewood-smoked bacon crumbles and fried onion strings.

BYO fine china.

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