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Miss April, 1972.

You’re not familiar.

You assume her turn-ons are flapjacks, bubble baths and long walks on the beach.

But honestly, they may just as easily be stargazing and sincerity. You can’t be sure.

Perhaps some research would help.

Introducing VFILES + Gallagher’s, a curious pop-up shop in SoHo with a comprehensive magazine collection that predates airbrushing, now open.

First, let’s address the big pink elephant in the room. No, this has nothing to do with the guy who bludgeons watermelons for a living. The Gallagher in this equation: a methodical magazine archivist who’s recently transferred the bulk of his museum-worthy periodical stash to a brand-new rack/gallery space on Mercer.

Yes, yes, they’ve got old Playboys (old French Playboys, too).

Also, well-aged editions of GQ, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Details, Highlights for Kids (just kidding), Twiggy-era Vogue, Interview and one particular issue of Visionaire that actually contains a swatch of Gisele’s bedsheets (game-used).

For now, it’s best to approach this industrially designed space with a browsing mentality. Peruse the stacks. Thumb through the pages. Unfold the centerfolds. But in a few weeks, they’ll launch the store’s website component. Which, among other things, will feature a search engine powerful enough to let you sort (and purchase) nearly every magazine ever by person, theme or year.

Time to corner the Farrah Fawcett market.


VFILES + Gallagher’s
12 Mercer St
(near Grand)
New York, NY, 10013


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