Jurassic Ale

The Oldest Beer Ever Brewed

Ice. Dry. Blueberry.

You've seen a lot of beer in your day. And yet, your mind is still open to new ones.

Or, old ones.

Introducing Fossil Fuels Beer, a brew that's made using 45-million-year-old yeast found in an ancient, amber-encased Burmese bee—filling your pint glass now at two NorCal breweries.

It all started when a Cal Poly microbiologist discovered these ancient microorganisms in hopes of inventing the next penicillin. But when he realized they had similar qualities to modern-day brewer's yeast, he turned his attention to beer. (As we all eventually do.)

If you like a beer with an added layer of complexity, a slight spice with subtle tropical fruit notes, you'll like these. Head to Guerneville and try Stumptown Brewery's latest, Fossil Fuels X.P. The "X.P." stands for experimental, since the yeast is wild and produces a boundary-pushing pale ale with hints of clove, lemon and ginger.

Or head east to Kelley Brothers Brewing Co., where they've just tapped their Fossil Fuels-enriched Crossroads German Wheat, a Hefeweizen spinoff that's fruitier and nuttier than the classic version. They've also got it by the growler, so for $17 you can enjoy it from your fridge until the beer reaches the city.

Which is only a matter of time.


Fossil Fuels X.P.
San Francisco, CA,

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