Pho, Pork Belly and a Basement Wine Bar

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You don’t ask much from your noodle shacks.

Some noodles. Noodles are a good start.

And maybe a vast, secret basement bar wouldn’t hurt...

Take a look at Blossom, an unassuming little Vietnamese restaurant sitting on top of an underground wine bar, now open on Sunset.

First, the basics: next time you need some pho and a cold Kirin for lunch along that murky border between Hollywood and Silver Lake, you’ve now got a surprisingly sleek spot at the ready. So that’s good.

But really, you’ll want to come here for a super-casual dinner date with somebody who likes a surprise. Settle into a black leather banquette for... noodles. Try the Mi Trung Thit Kho—that’s Vietnamese for pork belly and egg. Roughly. Anyway, all is as it should be. Similar to the Downtown location. Or so it seems.

And then you say, “Hey, come on, follow me.” You hold out your hand. And you descend a discreet staircase near the front to find a covert marble bar in the basement stocked with oysters, Belgian beer, New Zealand white wine and sake—plenty of sake. (Turns out your night’s just getting started.)

There’s also a lot of marble, concrete, greenery and modern lines down here, as if the restaurant has graduated from design school over the course of your meal.

They grow up so fast.

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