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Seafood: usually hangs out near water. But your options for seafaring cuisine haven’t always been abundant. Here to help: Local’s Corner, a daring little raw bar from the guys behind Local: Mission Eatery, opening this week. Below, the five facts you need to know.

8am oysters: now a thing.
If you’d prefer Belgian waffles or baked eggs, no sweat, there’s a Euro-style breakfast menu. But the raw bar will be there for you if you’ve grown accustomed to eating oysters at 5pm in Nice.

Don’t panic, but there’s no stove here.
Seems like the equivalent of a car not having gas. But they have special equipment to cook your fish, and most of the menu will be raw or cured.

Try this on for size: rare, head-to-tail... fish.
Everything you thought was off-limits—bones, fish scales, cheeks, collar—are fair game. Order halibut fins, which are coveted in Japan, and you haven’t had fish skeleton until you’ve had their fish skeleton...

The best seats are the five at the counter. Especially #2.
You’ll be able to see straight to the raw bar. And since the chefs are your servers, they’ll pass everything down to you, sushi-bar-style.

Don’t miss the upside-down bubbly.
It’s called Donkey & Goat’s unfiltered Lily’s Cuvee. The supply is limited, and since it’s a non-disgorged bubbly (meaning there are dead yeast cells in the bottle), they have to open it upside down.


Local’s Corner
2500 Bryant St
(at 23rd)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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