Silver Bullet

Bullets, Holding Your Sleeves Together

None Today, we turn to the fine art of the conversation starter.

You’ve got your garden-variety opener (“How you doin’...”). Your topical play (“So, how about those Hunger Games?”). Your bold move (“Take me to Pleasure Town”).

And then the ones that defy the boundaries of category. Like cufflinks made from live ammunition...

Related: meet Bernardo & Co., a pair of bullet-shaped links that could’ve come straight from a Colt .45, available online now.

If James Bond and Jacob the Jeweler ever got into the cufflinks business (and we assume they will), they’d create these things. First, a mold is handcrafted to perfectly resemble a .45-caliber bullet. Then, the gold, silver or platinum (your call) is melted into that mold—and, if you want, monogrammed. (You can also have them toss on a few diamonds for a few extra K’s. That’s can, not should.)

You’ll wear these in a few situations. To break the ice with your date. To intimidate in the boardroom. To... hold your French cuffs together.

Oh, and we should add that soon you’ll be able to load your cuffs with bullets molded for 9mm or a .357 Magnum.

Because missile cufflinks would be overkill.

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