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A Korean Food Date Spot by Dolores Park

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If you had to pick a neighborhood in the city to be hungry in, the Mission would be it.

Not only for the burritos—there’s the house-rolled cavatelli, the prosciutto pies, the morning buns.

Here to add Korean fried chicken to the mix...

Give a warm welcome to Namu Gaji, an upscale, sake-happy Korean food joint that’s a takeout window by day and woodsy date spot by night, slated to open Saturday on Dolores.

This is where you’ll fill your picnic basket on a sunny day en route to the park. Or, after sunset, head here with your date to warm up over rare bottles of sake.

Start with the sliding-glass window on Dolores that opens into the kitchen. You’ll order the street-food goods you often get at the Ferry Building, like the fried chicken and okonomiyaki. Or ice cream alts like sake-infused shaved ice.

Come dinner, choose park-view seats at the bay-laurel counter or at the communal table under the long redwood branch. Try the sizzling plate, which could be anything from squid to pork sisig.

The drink list includes wine like back-vintages from Domaine de Bellivière and custom-made toasted rice ale from Magnolia. There’s even the Koshi no Kanbai Chotokusen sake that Kim Jong Il drank exclusively (warmed between a woman’s thighs, honestly).

You may or may not want to mention this to your date.


Namu Gaji
499 Dolores St
(at 18th St)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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