Ties That Bind

Conquering Corporate Bloodbaths with Style

UrbanDaddy - Tais-tiesAs recent events—and your continued dealings with agents—have proven, the business world occasionally gets a little...bloodbath-y.
So even in matters of corporate neckwear, there occasionally comes a time when you have to get a little primal. Channel your inner Japanese gangster with a couple of new Tais Ties.
The ominous wooden box that arrives won't contain the head of your former archrival, though there's no harm in letting your current archrival down the hall think so. Once you open it in the privacy of your office, you'll find your Bill Killed (a red tie with bullet holes), Dirty Business (the end looks dipped in blood), the razor-slashed Seppuku or the chopped-off Pinky. Pair it with your most awe-inspiring yakuza-ish black suit, and your statement about who's boss won't have to be verbalized.
There's also a colorful Tattoo tie that'll suffice if you can't handle actual needles, and after the new year they plan to start rolling out a new design (or two) each month. But they promise two things—not one will ever be striped or, worse, paisley.
That would invoke the wrong kind of fear.

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