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Taking Over an Entire Summer Camp

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You remember camp.

S’mores by the campfire. Canoeing down the river. Competitive eating competitions judged by Bill Murray.

Oh wait, that wasn’t you. That was Meatballs.

Anyway, about camp. You can take a whole one over...

Meet Camp Rentals at Camp Ozark, your opportunity to reserve an entire summer camp nestled in the pine trees of the Ouachita Mountains, available now.

First things first: this is four hours away, in Arkansas and only available in non-summer months. (Meaning... the time to do this is now.)

Otherwise, it’s just like camp. Well, assuming your camp was a 7,000-acre outdoor playground with trails through the mountains, a sandy beach on the river and enough water activities to rival SeaWorld.

You have options here. Book a few log cabins for 70 of your closest friends. Gather 1,000 strong and reserve the entire damn compound. Or, you know, just book the whole thing for yourself. (You hate sharing waterslides.)

Whatever you decide, you’ll spend your days bass fishing or playing tennis at their sports complex. (Think rec center at a small university.) Refuel by grilling steaks in their massive outdoor dining hall. But we strongly recommend their most challenging water activity: jumping onto a huge inflatable pillow called the blob.

You may want to get insurance for that.


Camp Rentals at Camp Ozark
155 Camp Ozark Dr
Mount Ida, AR, 71957


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