Cabin Fever

Your Private Wisconsin Cabin Is Ready

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Hello, and welcome to the dog days of March.

Please. Enjoy them. Wear white linen trousers. Slip on flip-flops. Open a fire hydrant.

And then, when all this unabashed sweltering gets to be too much, there’s this:

Welcome to Sandhill, your private cabin set amid the untamed wilderness of Wisconsin—albeit with golf caddies, personal chefs, hunting guides and masseurs—accepting reservations now.

It’s a venture from the Kohler faucet folks, who also run the American Club Resort about 10 minutes away. (So yes: there’s running water.) Its 2,000-square-foot cabin is surrounded by 350 acres, sleeps six and is outfitted with cutting-edge, pulsating-showerhead technology as well as other modern conveniences—like an entire poker room.

So it’s that rare breed of retreat that’s perfect for a couples weekend getaway or a bachelor party. Either way, you’ll want to have the cabin stocked to your exact specifications before you arrive (we suggest groceries, but beer is a local delicacy). Then again, you could just arrange a private chef to do the cooking.

The rest of the time, you’ll traverse the pines on mountain bikes. Play some golf. Do a little bird hunting on the game preserve.

But it’s such a nice day, you may just want to show those birds mercy.

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