For the Birds

Planning Your Next Trip on Facebook

None The other day, you said something particularly unbelievable.

To which someone replied, “Get out of town.”

So now you are.

But first, you need to consult some trusted advisers on where to go...

Introducing Tripbirds, a site where your friends help you plan your next big trip, online now.

This thing is like asking all your friends where they’ve been and how they enjoyed it. Recommendations for destinations, hotels, landmarks and things to do for the entire world, all sourced from the people you trust the most. (Also: that random guy from accounting who friended you.)

You can do two things here. One: type in where you’d like to go and see if anyone you know on Facebook, Foursquare or Instagram has been there. If they have, their recommendations will be sorted for your perusal. Two: you can search by friend (you seem to remember someone talking about a good time in Thailand).

It all thrives off check-ins. So let’s say you’ve got a buddy bravely rafting down the Amazon. When she stops for acarajé at that bodega in Juruti and tags it, that’ll show up here. And you’ll know to go to her when you feel like Huck Finning it through South America.

You knew that log raft would pay for itself.

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