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You’ve heard it before, and you’re about to hear it again.

Everything that’s going on below your waist is truly one-of-a-kind.

Thanks, custom jeans.

Welcome to Den.m Bar, a sleek factory in Downtown where you can make your own blue jeans, now open by appointment only.

Think of this like pants shopping in the future. Instead of going to a store and hunting fruitlessly for something that fits properly, you’ll enter a sleek white modern cube. You’ll see an orchid. A couple of sewing machines. And some generally pants-related art on the walls, captioned with words like “skinny” and “slim tapered.” To begin: pick a style that looks good.

Then, choose your denim and get measured—they’ve usually got about eight rolls, mostly Japanese selvage, but you might see some Italian and North Carolina stuff, too. (No one does denim like Greensboro.)

Now, the overall goal here is to build you a perfect pair of dark navy jeans, with a flattering made-to-measure fit, in just a few days. Nothing crazy. But... if you want paisley lining, colored stitching or a couple of secret pockets, they can absolutely make that happen.

Yes, your secret pockets can have secret pockets.

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