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We’ve seen your bracket, and it is good.

Our advice: go ahead and pre-spend the winnings now. Don’t think—thinking is bad. Just do it.

Say, a weekend in Northern France.

Or a weekend in a hotel suite that feels like Northern France.

Introducing The NoMad Hotel, a frenchified grand auberge and the Ace’s new next-door neighbor, taking reservations now and opening at month’s end.

Listen, we get it. You know your way around a hotel/how to systematically wipe out a minibar. So we won’t bore you with the broad strokes. Instead: four encouragements to make your way here this spring (“replenishing tiny-shampoo-bottle stock” not included).

The suites were inspired by 1950s Paris flats.
So they’re not only staycation friendly (vintage claw-foot tubs in the bathroom), but also chain-smoker friendly (700-square-foot balconies off the bedroom).

There’s room service from Eleven Madison Park.
Yes, the James Beard Award winners will run a seasonal restaurant with an open hearth in the lobby. But feel free to take your roast chicken for two in bed.

They have a study. You appreciate studies.
Just as you’d expect. Rich with mahogany. Smells like leather and library cards. Direct access to a bunch of scotch-filled decanters. Bring your next off-site client meeting here. Or Kindle.

There’s a rooftop lounge.
It’s one of those glass-enclosed, bar-equipped deals. Expect it to open by the time the weather gets warm. Well, warmer.


The NoMad Hotel
1170 Broadway
(at 28th)
New York, NY, 10001


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