Kitch Meeting

Getting a Real Chef into Your Kitchen

None It’s not that you can’t cook.

Last night, you reheated that black-olive pizza with admirable gusto.

But if you could get the Sotto guys to come over and cook for you... that would bring in at least 60% more gusto.

Introducing Kitchit, a website that matches you with top local chefs who are willing to come over and feed you and your friends, available in LA starting Tuesday.

Think of this like the easiest dinner-party upgrade ever. It’s been up in San Francisco for a few months now, and when the site launches for LA next week, you can basically use it two ways:

1) If you need a chef for next Saturday night, just search by date to see who’s free to fire up your stove. Easy. And you don’t have to be throwing around $5K to make this happen. Every chef has their rate posted, and... they’re pretty reasonable.

2) But if you’re focused with laser intensity on a fried-chicken blowout hosted by Mark Gold from Eva, or pizza from the Sotto guys, or a Latin feast by John Rivera Sedlar... search the chef profiles, fill out their contact form and figure out when’s good.

There’s never a bad time for fried chicken.

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