Delfini Città

High Delf

An Airy Hall of Pizza, Wine and Negronis

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Daylight saving time is coming up this weekend, so you’ve got one burning question on your mind:

Where best to enjoy the later sunsets with wine, pizza and Negronis.

Allow us to suggest Delfini Città, a bright, leisurely cove of airy Italian-ness from the owners of Caffé Delfini, soft-opening on Thursday in Beverly Hills.

This is the kind of place where you can make anything happen. Lunch. Happy hour. Fancy feasts of veal medallions. A quick pizza break with friends. Nuclear fusion. (Okay, almost anything.)

If you’re on a date and feeling veal-medallion-y, you’ll want to get a table in one of the two dining rooms bookending the place. Summon a bottle of chianti from your seat by the waterfall. (You know: your usual move.)

But really, we see you spending most of your time in the vast central hall connecting those two rooms. Grab a seat by the long wall of windows and spend your sunset hours with some Black Bari Brambles (there’s a serving of fruit and a serving of bourbon) and some pizza.

If you can’t decide between the margherita, the mushroom or the potato-rosemary, then... don’t: they have a “pizza tasting,” which basically means you can try all three options on one pie.

Trilogies are better with cheese.

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