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Reminders about upcoming holidays:

March 17:
St. Patrick’s Day. (Buy keg of beer, green dye.)

April 8:
Easter egg roll. (Stop by Playboy offices for closeout deals on bunny ears.)

May 18: National Visit Your Relatives Day. (Go back in time and maim the person responsible for ruining your May 18 with a fake holiday.)

Now, if there’s even a slight chance any of these days will result in you having less than 100% unfettered use of your second bedroom, here’s a perfectly good solution.

Introducing Hotel Lincoln, opening Thursday as your new guest room away from your guest room.

It’s a cool, decked-out crash pad for that out-of-towner who demands an authentic Chicago experience. They’ll overlook Lincoln Park Zoo and Lake Michigan. The walls will be adorned with locally made art. Also: David Mamet slept here when it was a hardscrabble place known more for knife fights, mariachi music and hookers. Now, your friends will have to settle for good food.

It’s in the same building as Perennial Virant (you knew someone would find a good use for the other 11 floors one day). A cocktailing penthouse opens this summer, but for now you’ll arrange to meet your friends for breakfast at Elaine’s Coffee Call in the lobby. Named after a grizzled switchboard operator during Mamet’s day, it serves warm donuts, granola and coffee cake.

But remember: coffee cake is for closers.


Hotel Lincoln
1816 N Clark St
(at Lincoln Ave)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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