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A Classic African Safari... in Idaho

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The British have some ideas for your next long weekend.

They involve floating chefs, tents with hardwood floors and bow hunting on horseback.

You guessed it: Idaho safari.

Presenting Natural Retreats, a wild-game-seeking expedition down the mighty Snake River on the Idaho/Wyoming border, accepting reservations now.

The be-khakied British explorers who launched this share a simple, admirable dream: to create the great American safari.

Your journey begins in Yellowstone, at a palatial wooden fishing lodge formerly owned by a Rockefeller (in this case: Mark, son of Nelson). You’ll get up around dawn to watch the sunrise over the river through 30-foot glass windows. And if time permits, squeeze in a game of snooker in your private guesthouse (safari warm-up) before boarding your drift boat.

On the Snake, things pick up quickly. One minute, you’re watching cottonwood trees go by, taking in your guide’s knowledge about the local bald eagle population. The next: going on land to bow hunt elk on horseback, 12,000 feet in the mountains. Mostly, you’ll be tracking big game (cougar, wolf, black bear) or fly-fishing for rainbow trout, depending on the season.

Before dinner, you’ll have some time to unwind in your white canvas tent. When you see a guy in a chef’s hat paddling toward you, don’t be alarmed.

Just make sure you’re in the mood for elk burgers.

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