Umami Dearest

Burgers, Donuts and Pig’s Brains Downtown

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You walk into an Umami Burger. You have a seat.

And soon your table is covered with foie gras donuts, bacon-washed bourbon and a pig’s-foot sandwich...

Hold on. Something is different here.

That’s because you’re actually at UMAMIcatessen, the vast, sprawling new food court from the Umami guy, soft-opening tomorrow at 5pm.

This place is just another Umami... the way Kate Upton is just another tall girl in a bikini. You’ll want to come in, have a seat anywhere and order from any of the six places. They are:

1. Umami. It’s got the trademark burgers. (We trust you remember them.) It’s also got a new shrimp burger with Japanese spices.

2. Spring for Coffee. Serves you hot coffee early—and spiked coffee late.

3. & a Donut. They’ve got foie gras donuts and carrot cake donuts. For a late breakfast or a dessert.

4. PIGG. They use all of the swine here. So your sandwich has ground pig’s feet. And your fries are topped with a creamy sauce that involves pig’s brain.

5. The Cure. It’s a deli. Pastrami. Matzo ball soup. Sandwiches. If you’re not having a pig’s brain kind of day.

6. The Back Bar. The bar guy’s from Harvard & Stone, and even he’s committed to meat: there’s a hint of PIGG’s bacon fat in your Bourbon Pig.

And a stronger hint of bourbon.

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