Dog Day Afternoons

Bring Your Date (and Dog) Here

LA County has spoken: you no longer have to choose between going out for dinner and hanging out with your dog. Yep, restaurants can now welcome pups to their patios if they like. Herewith, a guide to where you’ll take Fido next.

Downtown Sidewalk-ing

Downtown Sidewalk-ing

It’s a bar. It’s a restaurant. It’s a cheese market. It’s... a place you can bring your dog along on your date.
For You Two: Some pork and a round of Winter Squash (gin and pumpkin juice).
For the Dog: Plenty of pedestrians to keep him busy while you two-legged types brainstorm 2013 Oscar hosts.

A Silver Lake Garden Retreat

A Silver Lake Garden Retreat

This massive multilevel garden patio is hidden from the street—in case you and Fido are still keeping your relationship under wraps.
For You Two: Wine, lamb cheeks, rustling leaves.
For the Dog: He’s heard good things about the smoked trout rillettes. And the water bowl.

Some Candlelight and Italian Accents

Some Candlelight and Italian Accents

If this is an important night (finally, she’s meeting... the dog), you shouldn’t mess around. You need serious Italian atmosphere.
For You Two: Dark corners. Red wine. Lanterns from treetops.
For the Dog: A possible spark with Charlie, the house puppy.

Il Covo, 8700 W 3rd St, 310-858-0020

A Canine-Friendly Wine Bar

A Canine-Friendly Wine Bar

Say your dog feels more at home on a front porch, but you and your date feel more at home with a really good wine list. Bring everybody here.
For You Two: Alfresco scallops, lamb chops and a bottle of red.
For the Dog: Some low-key hanging out with other four-legged hipster types.

Barbrix, 2442 Hyperion Ave, Silver Lake, 323-662-2442

A Date... and a Script Deal

A Date... and a Script Deal

Dominick’s—home to the kind of unassuming date that can devolve into an industry powwow with neighboring tables.
For You Two: Martinis, rice balls, a steak and a script.
For the Dog: Headshots. He’s up for the Uggie spin-off.

Dominick’s, 8715 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood, 310-652-2335

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