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Renting Out a Tuscan Castle

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Picture it.

Early morning. Your memory: hazy. On your head: a crown. In your hands: a scepter. Oh, and people are calling you “Your Highness.”

A few reasons this might be happening:

1. You have royal bloodlines, and a few key relatives have died.
2. You just had a wild night of passion with the Princess of Monaco.
3. You raised an army and seized a small monarchy. (Hey, crazier things have happened.)
4. This:

Castello di Casole, a handsome Tuscan retreat replete with a vineyard, a game preserve and its own damn castle, taking reservations now for a July 1 debut. (Crown and scepter not included.)

So... yeah: a castle masquerading as a hotel. The story starts in the 10th century, when the three-story stone-and-mortar structure—surrounded by 4,200 acres of rolling hills—was originally built.

A mere 1,100 years later, renovations are finished. They’ve added some modern touches—like an underground spa—but the main pleasures are still very much old-world. Hunting boar on your own game preserve. Taking in a string quartet in the outdoor amphitheater. Supping on private dinners, made with wine and olive oil harvested on-site, from the court chef. (You’ll have to bring your own jester.)

If you opt for a vineyard farmhouse instead of the castle, you’ll also have an infinity pool all to yourself.

Also a perfect spot to launch your invasion of a neighboring hotel.

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