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Your New Portable Ski Lodge

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You’ve heard it said: the fresher, the better.

It certainly holds true for sushi, princes of Bel-Air and, of course, snow. The only problem: the freshest snow is usually on a remote mountainside nowhere near anything resembling a hotel.

And that’s where this crazy thing comes in...

Meet the Pod Hotel, a mobile bedroom that lets you hunker down in some of the more far-flung spots in the Swiss Alps, available now.

Picture your basic log cabin. Now picture it a bit more... Swiss. And you have this—roughly 80 square feet of Alpine lumber, ready to be dropped anywhere you can drive a truck. Inside, you’ve got light, a solar-powered heater and a single room with two or three beds (depending on the model). Lincoln would be proud.

To experience this majesty, you’ll want to head to a tiny Swiss hamlet called Laax, where three of the pods have just touched down. You’ll be sleeping 100 feet away from your very own lake—and just a short ride away from a nearby ski resort with two 9,000-foot peaks and Europe’s largest half-pipe. (They’ve also got indoor rooms, in case you’re traveling with cowards.)

And if you decide you want to take one home with you—for an unusually lavish doghouse, perhaps—all it takes is an extra 10 grand.

The half-pipe may be slightly more difficult to arrange.

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