Yoo the Man

Hyden Yoo's Fall Collection Arrives

You're no slacker.

You work hard. You play hard.

Which means you need clothes that can keep up—think stuff that looks as good at a FiDi office as it does at a Mission bar.

And maybe nobody gets that better than menswear designer Hyden Yoo.

Now, that name may ring a bell. You remember a Hyden Yoo who won season two of Fear Factor by eating a cod egg sack, then for an encore sucked on a goat's teat on the champions show. But surely that's not—

Yes, the very same. He used his fifty-grand Factor windfall to get started, and now his full collection is trickling into select SF boutiques.

His shirts look great tucked in or out thanks to a narrower fit and a slightly shorter cut than traditional dress shirts. His dressed-up khakis feature contrast lining at the pocket edge, which should earn you praise as a man who pays attention to the details.

You'll also find vests and sweaters, plus two jackets we've got our eye on: a black nylon anorak accented by an orange-and-blue-plaid flannel lining, and a slim-fitted navy trench, which can be dressed up or down.

Perfect for a quick turn from PowerPoint to pints.

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